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6 Factors that Affect the Quality of Sex life


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In fact, it takes an average time of 6 months for couples to get in touch with each other. Falling in love is a process of mutual understanding and communication. It is too urgent to enjoy love, and too slow to lose passion. What is a high-quality sex life like? 

Foreplay: 15 minutes


15 minutes is the best time for foreplay. If it takes too long, the passion fades. The partners may not enjoy the fun.

15-minute foreplay is the most important. After that time, the partners are ready and in a perfect state.

Tips: Foreplay is not boring. During 15 minutes, caress, fragrant rose, and sexy and even naughty actions can all be involved.

The upper limit of sex per month: 8 times

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If you have sex more than 8 times a month, physical fatigue will increase. Swiss sex experts advise not to format your own sex. In addition, do not have sex more than 8 times a week! Or else, the blood circulation of the body will slow down, and energy inside the body will naturally decrease. Not only when you have sex, but even when you work, you will feel tired.

Tips: It is best to have sex on a regular basis. The partners can't have sex in a whole week and then have a rest for the next several weeks. 2 to 3 times of sex in one week is the best.

The best sports time before sex: 10 minutes

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Before sex, both men and women should exercise, which can increase the flexibility of the buttocks muscles, improve the tightness of the female vagina, and enhance the sex quality.

Tips: The best sport before sex is for both men and women. After dinner, partners can take a walk for 10 minutes at a little fast speed in the aisle of the community. When the body sweats a little, go back home, take a shower, and then get ready for having sex.

The best fruit for sex: Kiwi fruit


Taiwan nutrition experts point out that kiwi fruit is the first choice for improving sex quality, because it contains folic acid, carotene, calcium, lutein, amino acids, and natural inositol, which are rare in other fruits. In addition, the rich cellulose can increase the rate of decomposition of fatty acids so that partners can keep a good figure and be more attractive!

Tips: Eat only one kiwi one day! It can produce 1/5 of the energy for the human body all day long and help deliver perfect energy in sex. With ice cubes and low-fat salad dress, the kiwi salad can be fresher and more delicious, which can improve sex quality, replenish energy, and burn fat, achieving a triple-win effect.

The best time for women to have sexual fantasies: 10:00 in the evening

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At 10: 00 in the evening, it's most likely for women to have sexual fantasies. Experts found that at about 10: 00 in the evening, the creative cells of the female brain are the most active, and at this time, women are prone to engage in the fantasy which mainly relates to sex and love. Therefore, it is better for a man to go to bed before 10 and have sex with her.

Try not to have sex until couples know each other for 6 months

It takes an average of 6 months for strangers to get to know each and then make intimate physical contact. Love is a process of mutual understanding and communication. If people are too anxious to enjoy love, they will lose their passion if it takes a long time. Psychologists have found that among couples who have a successful marriage, the average time period from making acquaintance to having sexual intercourse is 6 months. “This process can make love and sex more harmonious,” according to the researchers.

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