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Adult toys are needed most these moments

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The harmony of sex has a great impact on the couple’s feelings, especially for the old husbands and wives. The boring sex life is the main reason for the isolation of the husband-wife relationship.  If you want to have an exciting sex, you can use some special tools and sex products. So, how to use sex toys to be more effective?

In terms of pure sensory stimulation, sex experts believe that, sex appliances do have "fascinating allure", but it is a bit of a fuss to say that they are “addicted”. Because people are not just animals dominated by carnal desire; they have emotions: in addition to the happiness of the body, they also seek for mental satisfaction. This cannot be filled by sex toys.

If the husband-wife relationship is close, and their emotional satisfaction is great, their use of sex toys will have no bad impact, and instead, will improve the quality and taste of sex life. If they use sex toys, the feeling of stimulation will be further improved.

The best is use adult toys only when needed.

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In order to prevent the abuse of sex toys, it is better to follow the “needed” principle. For example, if the couples are separated, widowed, or disabled, and the husband-wife life is impacted, sex toys can be used as a support to daily sexual requirements.
When the husband or wife intends to use adult toys, he or she should be sure that the other side has the same willingness; otherwise, it will only be self-defeating. "For example, some men buy sex toys for their wives, but their wives are not willing to do so and just accept them passively and inside have other ideas. This will get the husband-wife relation in danger," said the expert.
Sex expert said, “How to vent sexual desire is still a privacy even based on husband-wife relation. The couple should allow the other side to have a certain degree of freedom, and should not force the other side to listen to her or him. Therefore, when you see your wife secretly use sex appliances, you should understand her even if you feel angry, not confident or guilty. You two should discuss the situation of the disharmony in sex life and make some adjustment.

How about using sex toys when having sex?


As long as you use sex toys correctly, of course, the sex between husband and wife will be benefited. When the husband fails to get an erection, OR when the wife can't reach a climax, sex toys can play a vital role. Therefore, we should keep a correct attitude towards sex toys and should not reject them blindly.

What to pay attention to when using sex toys?

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The appropriate use of sex toys will help improve the quality of sex life of husband and wife to a certain extent, and will add fun and feeling of freshness to the life of husband and wife, especially when their passion for marriage are changed into family affection slowly and their love is becoming less and less. It will enable the sex life to be filled with passion again and will bring positive effects to health. Then what should we pay attention to when using sex toys? Here are some keys. 

1. Cautions for use

1) When you open the sex toy you just buy, first look at the product description and know about the use methods and notices, especially those entering the body. Be sure to know if it is waterproof, manual or power-driven, and how to use it.
2) Use sex toys when your body is in good condition. When the body is in a bad state, such as being ill, getting cold, being tired, being painful or being in poor mood, it is not recommended to use sex toys. Do not force yourself but conform to your body. The use of sex toys is only a kind of adjustment to the life of husband and wife.

2. Purchase on selection

1) When buying condoms, pay attention to the size, model and function, which should definitely suit yourself. It is very important to choose the one that suits you.
2) When buying sex toys, you can't be blindly seek for stimulation or cheap one, and ignore the importance of material; otherwise, it is easy to cause accidents or damage to you and your partner's body.
Therefore, take everything into consideration when buying sex toys. Avoid self-defeating!

3. Use lubricant when using sex toys.

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The long time use of sex toys will cause excessive friction against on male and female org. Using lubricant can solve this problem to the best, and can help you by enjoy the sexual satisfaction without being hurt for a long time.

4. Clean.

Since most sex toys will be in direct contact with sexual organs, special care is needed in cleaning and hygiene. If it is not a disposable sex toy, it should be cleaned after each use. If it is a silicone application, the warm water that is below 80 °C should be used for clean and then it should be air dried naturally. The sex toys that enter the body should be used with condoms.