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Mine: The head massager - massager

by:KISSTOY     2020-01-25
Mine: The head massager  -  massager
On a sunny spring afternoon, when we visited our elderly parents in rural Minnesota, we had a great time on the back porch.
The birds were chirping in chir, and a warm breeze floated across the screen.
Mom was particularly pleased with the hand-made head massager she had just bought.
The price of the masseur is $5 in knitting goods and local paintings.
When mom rubbed her head, we joked
Looks like a device.
Mom is not used to Joking. she doesn't know how to react.
Her rebuttal will only cause more comments, even from dad.
One of us suggested that the massager might be a good place for the bird's nest.
The mother imitated the Statue of Liberty and could stand in the yard and lift the massager like a torch.
We noticed that bird eggs hatch after about 21 days.
The wind was cold, and Thunder began, suggesting rain.
Someone suggested with a false serious voice that mom put down the hand of the massager
Unless she wants to be hit by lightning.
A step away from the window.
We all laughed at the end.
After mom passed away, we split up our family.
After the big goods left, there were still some unclaimed, including the head massager.
Thinking back that afternoon on the back porch, I added it to my souvenir box and now there's a mom reminder that makes me laugh every day. E-mail your 250-
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