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Review: 'Hysteria' has a few oohs and aahs but no Big O - massager

by:KISSTOY     2020-01-25
Review: \'Hysteria\' has a few oohs and aahs but no Big O  -  massager
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 15/5/12 (2574 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Like the inventor of the vibrator it depicts, "hysteria" is really about pleasing others.
The film is like an indifferent lover replaced by sexual aid, never satisfied.
Loyal to the title, as a Victorian couple, there are a couple of funny moments of hysteria --
A British doctor and an amateur inventor stumbled upon a mechanical device that made women happy.
However, despite the novelty of the premise, "hysteria" feels like a filmmaker is trying to deliver a small costume charm that can awaken the joy of art --
The audience was ecstatic.
This fictional story revolves around
Granville (Hugh Dancy)
He filed a patent for about £ 1880 Electric Massager, but was suffocated by clichés that play the pride of the times in the ideals that will persist in progress, free thinking for decades to come
Director Tanya Wexler and screenwriter Stephen and Jonah Lisa Dale are determined to instill the values of modern society into their 19 th century story so much that they have created a cardboard limbs
This makes Dan and co-
Maggie Gillenhaal, Jonathan Price, and feliciti Jones are either standing stiffly in the painting --
The room was restrained, or trembled and spit on the soap box, with a small room in the middle that made them act like real people.
The Mortimer of Danxi is a modern man of science, when he preached such things as hands-
Wash the bosses who still think le honeycomb and good blood to kill the bacteria
Only letting go is needed to treat patients.
Then he got a relaxed position as a PhD assistant
Robert dallinpur (Price)
Those who specialize in manipulating the female uterus to produce "emergencies --
Release nervous nerves to treat the ball
All diseases known as hysteria, including symptoms such as depression, anxiety, distortion, and any other symptoms that women consider abnormal.
Mortimer was immediately arrested by darlinpur's dignified and restrained daughter Emily (Jones)
Shocked by the behavior of his other daughter, Charlotte. Gyllenhaal)
She is a woman in politics who fights for women's rights and runs a center to help the poor provide food and education.
Charlotte was earlier than her time, Emily was rooted in her time, and Mortimer was sandwiched between the two.
Guess which sister his 21 st century master puppet will take him.
The complete predictability of "hysteria" is only when Mortimer learns of the hard work of massaging women's private parts throughout the day, it will be shocked by its interesting storyline.
His career was threatened because he had chronic hand cramps, and Mortimer and rich friend Edmund St. John Smythe (Rupert Everett)
Dabbling in new equipment, he turned the electric feather duster into an early prototype of the vibrator.
The tests they conducted with Dalrymple were very interesting, and the laughter of a few minutes was almost equivalent to the price of a ticket.
The rest of the "hysteria" is by comparison, the characters are flat, and their relationships are normal naps.
Dansey, Jones, and price are slow, while Gyllenhal plays a fire spray with too much saliva, banging other characters and the head of the audience with her movements
Beautiful Crusades
They just can't be trusted.
This leaves a good start to the eternal scene.
The thief Everett dominated his screen time with witty and determined laughter.
He is no more credible than others, but at least he has been entertaining.
Director Wexler, who used to make low
Budget movie "find the North" and "the ball in the House"
Well created the costumes and costumes of this era, but she filled the bodice and the carriage with Victorian style sketches or completely modern people, which did not match the story.
There is no Big O in the origin story of this vibrator.
Just the little oohs and aahs here and there, add up to some itchy, brief moments of joy.
Sony classic movie "hysteria" was rated as R-rated for sexual content.
Running time: 95 minutes.
There are two and a half of the four stars.
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