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Common ways for men to masturbate


Sexual desire is the viscerogenic desire of human being. When men need to vent this desire but there is no suitable women around them, they deliberately rely on masturbation. 


So what are the ways for masturbation?



1) Excite penis. Use some lubricant or saliva to rub the penis. During this, hold the erect penis by one or both hands, and rub up and down. Some men like to reach the top of the glans penis every time they rub, during which the testis would be held with one hand. The men can also wrap the penis with a soft cloth for rubbing. Another way is to tighten the scrotum with one hand, but not too heavy, and meanwhile to rub the penis with the other. During this, some men like to speed up.

2) Recliner & emulsion. Lying in the recliner, apply some emulsion, with one hand rubbing the penis, glans penis and testis, and the other massaging the part of the testis that nears to the anus.

3) Six fingers. Rub up and down the penis with the thumb, middle finger, and index finger of both hand till to climax.

4) Hold “ball (testis)”. Hold the testis with the left hand being semi-spherical shaped, and rub the penis with the right hand at an adjustable speed. When the climax is coming, slow down and then speed up again. Repeat this for several times and then ejaculate. Can pinch the testis when ejaculating.  

5) “Heavy rain”. Apply some lubricant or soap bubble then rubbing the penis quickly.

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6) Rub the trunk. Lie down and rub the trunk between the glans penis and the testis. This makes masturbation last longer.

7) Pat. Put the hands on two sides of the penis, and pat to and fro, OR pat the penis toward the abdomen with one hand.

8) Friction. Lie on the stomach, read erotic book, turn the hips to rub the penis against objects as bedding or pillow, OR place a pillow between the abdomen and the penis, thrust your penis back and forth between the pillow and the sheet. This method can be used for a hard penis in the morning.

9) Insert it occasionally. Some men want to insert into any holes, from hand to watermelon and even toilet roll. Some men with redundant prepuce are very sensitive. Just by turning the prepuce alone can bring them pleasure, and the prepuce also reduces the friction between penis and other things.

10) Simulation based “vaginal” hand. Men apply water soluble lubricant to the hand and grasp the penis. This works like a wet vagina.

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11) Penis pump. The man can find a suitable in size syringe and remove the needle (it is better to have similar rubber product), cover the penis with it and pull the syringe. At this moment, a vacuum is created around the penis, causing the penis to be congested and expand in a short period of time, which will be pleasant for the man. Of course, when using this method, use it correctly. The duration of such high pressure should not exceed 15 minutes. Add water soluble lubricant to the syringe and apply it on the penis also. This will play a role in both lubrication and closing.  

12) Two-pronged approach. Put a vibrator in the anus while exciting the penis with one hand or another strong vibrator.

13) Shower head. When taking a bath in the bathtub, hold the shower head and swill the glans penis. This will bring a strong pleasure. If tired, lie in the bathtub and swill the surface of the penis.

14) Water gun. Take off the shower head, turn around, abdomen down, pinch the water pipe to make the water flow stronger, and shoot the penis, more pleasure will be got.

15) Excite anus and prostate. The anus is quite sensitive. For some people, when a finger or tubular toy is inserted in it, the prostate will be excited. Some men are very fond of this when having "hand" love or making love with women.


16) Slowly rub up and down. Slowly rub the penis for an hour. The pleasure will come very strong and can also exercise the ability to not ejaculate.

17) Add some ice at the climax. Men can masturbate as usual, and when it is time to ejaculate, grab some ice cubes quickly with one hand and hold the penis to continue to complete the masturbation. In this way, it is “ice& fire” on both sides of the penis: cold while hot! Wait until the moment of ejaculation. It will be more wonderful!

18) Prepare a penis ring. Apply lubricant to both hands and form a ring with one thumb and index finger. Then place the ring at the root of the penis. Let the ring slide from the root to the glans penis and return to the root again. Use the other hand to do the same thing. Keep the rhythm till the climax.

19) Hand-held lubricant. Once the penis is hard, apply some lubricant to the palm, and then slowly rub the glans penis. Constantly rub until the pleasure comes and ejaculation.  

20) Squeeze the scrotum. When the man masturbates feels that it is about to ejaculate, hold the scrotum with one hand, gradually squeeze it, and then put it down (Of course, you can also squeeze with a little force, dependent on your own). In this case, you may feel that the seminal fluid is swimming around your body and want to find a way out.

21) Use plastic bags skillfully. There should be a lot of plastic bags in your bedroom. Put some Vaseline into the bag, and put your penis upright into it. And you should know how to do the rest. Wait for the climax to come.

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