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Face Middle-aged Sex Life Correctly


Sex life is not only a life of young people, but also that of the middle-aged and should take the initiative to enjoy sex life. Although your physical quality is declining, you can take some skills to make it.

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The vagina does not shrink like a preserved fruit.

The estrogen will decrease when the woman is at the menopause. This will bring changes to the body, which, however, are not easy to be noticed by eyes. In fact, there is no "drying and aging" situation. A medical doctor from Harvard Medical School said, “Many women find no changes in themselves during this period.” After menopause, the blood flow through the vagina decreases. At this moment, sex is a good way to activate the vagina. It can promote the blood circulation in the vagina, and help maintain vitality and youth.


Don't refuse lubricants.

After menopause, the vagina does become dry, which may occur in every woman. At this point, using lubricants will enable you to have a more comfortable and healthy sex life. If you have never experienced this, do not be embarrassed. Under continued progress of technology, you will find that the lubricant bring a natural and moist feeling and increase your confidence in sex.

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Body image may go downhill.

While the body at the stage of menopause is experiencing changes, the psychology is also changing. Elizabeth, a sexual health expert, suggested that women should not only learn to accept the physical changes at this time, but build their confidence by listening to beautiful music, exercising frequently, and reading books and newspapers. Just be more optimistic towards changes!

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Middle-aged couples are still at risk of sexually transmitted diseases. 

Although there is no need to worry about accidental pregnancy, you should not be taken lightly, because this age group is also a susceptible population of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS. Having good hygiene habits and being clean is still a good way to prevent diseases effectively.


The middle-aged should work harder for the climax. 

In the past, you may have orgasms every time you have sex, but when you reach menopause you should lower your expectation. Maybe you have to work harder for every orgasm. Remember, each age group has their own lovely side. Try to accept and fall in love with the process!

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The sexual desire varies from person to person. 

After Age 50, you may be more active like a wolf, or you may have a weaker sexual desire. The situation of each person is different, and the desire is also fluctuating. If adrenaline surges in your body after menopause, you’ll want to try new things and change rigid thinking to add a little adventure to your life of old age.