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How can middle-aged couples recap the first night passion?


How can the middle-aged couples find the first night passion? In fact, no couples can always have sex as perfect as their first night love. One day you may find the sex that once gives you unlimited passion vanishes like a cloud of smoke.

Medical experts said that the sudden disappearance of orgasm is a disease. Find out the reason for this situation and get the right medicine. Here are some effective methods.

Method 1: Get to know your body

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Sometimes, the reason why the sexual intercourse is insipid is the lack of close contact between man and woman, the lack of adequate sexual foreplay, or the lack of understanding of the body. You don't know about your sexually sensitive parts and your sensibility, and you can't tell your partner your needs; so, it is difficult to achieve the sensory pleasure that you expected.

Method 2: Know your cycle of sexual feeling


In general, the secretion of hormones in the human body affects the sexual desire. The abnormal secretion of sex hormone, corpus luteum hormone, and testosterone in the human body will reduce sexual desire, cause abnormal uterine contraction, and even change the sensibility to orgasm. Irregular menstruation and painful pelvic cavity will hinder the coming of orgasm. The disorder of secretion at the beginning of menopause of woman will affect sexual desire. Different chemicals in the brain can also affect the satisfaction with sexual intercourse. At most occasions, sedatives, antihistamines for allergy, may weaken sexual desire and reduce sexual ability.

Method 3: Have appropriate sexual fantasy

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Romantic sexual fantasy is the most effective way to create perfect sex life. If you can't be concentrated when you have sex, and your mind is full of daily life, then you have no way to let yourself enjoy the pleasure of the climax.

The right way is to take a deep breath before having sex, focus on yourself and the moment right now, close your eyes and spread the wings of your imagination, imagining that the other's breath is soaking into your whole body and flowing through every inch of your skin, and feel the soothing touch between the other's fingertips and your skin.

You may take a warm bath, massage your feet, relax yourself, and imagine yourself as the most enthusiastic person, a person who is about to go to the feast of love with your lover.

Method 4: Put your body and soul into it

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Some experts believe that men can reach orgasm by sensory stimulation, while women can be pleased by the stimuli of body, emotion, and atmosphere. Only when they put their body and soul into this process and be full of passion, can they get a wonderful feeling of love making. The most direct and effective way of communication is to use both voice and body languages. 

A clever woman can subtly express her sexual needs, pleasure, and sexual desire to her mate while praising him. Therefore, you should focus on your body and play your own role in bed, so that you two can communicate with each other fully.