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How much do you know about sex?


How much do we know about sex? What is sex? What is the reason why you don't like sex? What should I do if my sex life is not harmonious? Let's learn about sex together.

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First, what is sex?
What is sex? Knowing what sex is will help us a lot. Ten years ago, when we experienced puberty, no one told us what happened to sex. The elders were around us, telling us that early love would be an obstacle when making progress and it was shameful to steal this “forbidden fruit” early. Ten years later, even in the era of rich information and rapid development of the Internet, the children still fail to receive enough sex education at their puberty, and the adults do not have the correct attitude towards sex. In order to either build a happy relationship and a happy family, or help us and our next generation to be no longer sexually blind and no longer suffer from sex problems, it's necessary for us to make up the missed education, and remove our sex problems and doubts in a timely manner, so as to prevent the coming of more serious problems. Sex life regards to the regular or irregular sexual contact and sexual intercourse that are aimed at satisfying the sexual needs. It is not limited to sexual intercourse. It is an important part of husband and wife's life. Marriage is the beginning of sex life. Both men and women need to know some common sense about sex life. Broadly speaking, sex life refers to the behavior of people in or after puberty who through close body contact, give birth to offspring or obtain a pleasant experience. The mating of genitals between adult men and women is also called sexual intercourse. It is notable that the generalized human sexual activity includes the contact of genitals and sexual stimulus that are not aimed at sexual intercourse.
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Second, what is the reason why I don't like sex?
There are damages caused by the disharmony in husband-wife's life. Sex life is a big bridge for husband and wife to enhance the relation. By contrast, the disharmony would first affect the in  mate relation between husband and wife and then lead to a variety of diseases. So what are the reasons for the disharmony of sex life?
1. Lack of sleep
There is an opinion held by the medical study that the shortage in sleep has a significant impact on sexual desire. For men, if they lack sleep for consecutive seven days, their male sex hormone will decline significantly, and their sexual desire will also decrease; for women, their sexual desire will increase by 14% every hour they sleep. Therefore, maintaining adequate sleep is the best way for lovers to maintain their sex quality!
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2. Poor physical energy
This is very important. Do you often feel tired because you are too poor in physical energy or you are not flexible enough when you have sex? In fact, doing more back workout, sit-ups, push-up or cardio training, is very helpful for sex life, in addition to improving the blood circulation and physical health.
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3. Smoking and drinking
I believe that many chain-smokers have found that smoking affect the quality of male sperm, reduces the number of sperm, and even cause the problem of impotence. If drinking too much, the testosterone will shrink, the male sex hormone will reduce, and the bone will lose. In short, smokin  g and drinking are not good for health, and smoking has no good at all. It is the best to get rid of both.  


Finally, how to maintain a harmonious sex life?

So, how to maintain a harmonious sex life after figuring out the reasons for disharmony? Let's continue.

1. Exercise

Do more aerobic exercise. It makes a great difference if there is exercise. The better the exercise, the better the sexual desire and sex life. The participation in physical exercise will make it easy to achieve sexy arousal and reach the orgasm. Then the frequency of sex life will be increased.

The effect of exercise is seen not only on the health, but also on the activeness of the body, the strength of the muscle, and the flexibility of the body. Exercise is also a good way to prevent depression. This is mainly because substances that excite human will be produced when exercising. Such substances are similar to opium, able to maintain the excitement for several hours.

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2. Relieve pressure
Many people have to work for more than ten hours a day and encounter different challenges and changes every day. Many men fail to withstand such kind of work. Day after day, men may find their sex life not that satisfactory. This is called erectile dysfunction by the doctor. A lot of families may collapse because of this. Everyone should keep a balance between work and life, and should travel more and have themselves relaxed.
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3. Understanding
In the disharmony of sex life, understanding and support of each other is critical. Don't blame each other. What the other side needs more is care and understanding. Only understanding and support can be the biggest motivation for the other side to get out of the shadow. Men are concerned about face-saving. Don't give more chatter. Don't let the relation break for such a short time disharmony.
4. Meditation
Meditation is good after work or in spare time. What to think about? Imagine having sex with a beautiful woman or a woman you miss so much. Even specific details can be imagined. Although this is fictional, it can help strengthen your secretion of male sex hormone and will exercise your genitals related. Your sensitiveness to sex will be improved greatly.