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How to clean a masturbator?

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Nowadays the male masturbator is also a very popular product. The design and texture of the male masturbator are lifelike. It is small and easy to carry, so it is convenient for man to enjoy sex at any time. However, male masturbator cannot be used for a long time without cleaning. After use, it should be cleaned to prevent bacterial infection and be prepared for the next use. So how do you clean it?

First, rinse with water

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Many people clean the device by flipping it. This method is wrong. Flip cleaning can easily damage the mouth of the sleeve. The correct way is to slightly open the mouth and allow the flowing water to be poured into the sleeve. The water overflows from the device, and the flowing water will automatically flush out the dirt inside.

Second, apply shower gel


Apply shower gel or soap to clean its inside and outside. Rinse repeatedly with hands.

Third, rub the inner wall

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Use fingers to rub the inside wall, or put a soft brush inside and clean. If no sticky juice feeling is found, it is almost washed clean.

Fourth, wipe clean

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After rinsing, put a dry cloth into the sleeve to wipe it clean. Do not wipe it with a paper towel. Otherwise, the paper dust left on it will be easy to breed bacteria.

Fifth, spray disinfectant


Finally, use a special toy disinfectant to spray inward, and wait for about 1 minute. Then use a dry towel to reach into the sleeve and wipe the disinfectant clean.

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The masturbator must be cleaned up in time after use. After it is cleaned up, it can be used multiple times. The clean male masturbator is safe for the human body, ensuring high-standard safety and sanitation.