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KISSTOY new product 'A-KING' is about to be listed!


"Guys! Sorry for waiting so long! We have new product!" said Davidson, global sales manager of KISSTOY: "This new product is a vibrator specially designed for ladies, but it is more than a vibrator!"


A-KING is the name of KISSTOY's new product. Maybe friends who already know KISSTOY will know that last year they had a product called C-KING, C for Clitoris, which means the product mainly produces orgasm by stimulating the extremely sensitive clitoris in the vulva of ladies. According to their statement, C-KING can also be understood as King of 'Come', because according to the test, the fastest users only used 15 seconds to reach orgasm!




A-KING, as the name suggests, can reach and stimulate the A-spot in the female vagina to achieve soothing pleasure, and can produce multiple orgasms in a short time. "A-spot is located about 12 cm from the vaginal opening, Davidson said, "A-spot the full name is 'Anterior fornix', which is a place where women can reach orgasm through proper stimulation, and is a relatively new location. It should be noted that the G-spot is known by most people currently, it has more nerve plexus and is easier to find. After being stimulated, the whole body will feel tight to relax and then tired. Usually the G-spot orgasm is more intense, it is more energy-consuming and requires a longer period of rest afterwards. And A-spot will produce a soothing pleasure, it is a magical place that can reach more times of orgasm in a short time, without too much stimulation! "

“A-KING can also stimulate C-spot at the same time, and because of its length and radian, G-spot can also be taken care of. That is to say, A-KING will bring you with experience of TRIPLED ORGASM!”


In addition, what makes A-KING more distinctive is that KISSTOY has added an LED screen to it. "You can see which vibration frequency you are on through the display directly. When you find a frequency combination that is most comfortable for you, you can directly adjust to that combination next time, without having to count how many times you have pressed.


That's all about A-KING? "Nope! I told you that it is not an ordinary vibrator, how can it only have the vibrating function? In addition to the most basic vibration function, the head of A-KING can become larger!" Davidson: "Press and hold the inflation button, the head of A-KING can be inflated to the maximum state within 6 seconds, increase the fullness feeling inside the vagina for ladies! Well, I will leave you to do the imaginations. Of course, please choose the most suitable size according to the degree that the individual can bear."


A-KING will be officially listed soon, and pre-orders are now accepted!


Price for A-KING:

MSRP: $75.9 US Dollars

Wholesale: $31.9 US Dollars


Please contact Davidson for details now!

Email: davidson@kisstoy.com

WhatsApp/ Telegram: +86 188 1909 7225

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