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Main principles of sex life for men and women


Men and women must have taboos in the process of sex! I believe that there are very few people who know this, so what are the main principles in sex life?

In the process of sex, the content and way of speech should be changed based on the progress. In the foreplay, you can talk about some relaxing and happy things. The ideal content is sex and daily life concerned, such as humor or jokes about sex.

When having sex, you may talk less. That is, it should be close to the affection and sexual behaviors. Women love to listen to men's "sweet words" at this time, while men prefer to listen to praise for their physical features. Some people say that men are hit by power, and women are overcome by language. When the climax is coming, women can encourage men with continuous moaning and occasional praise. Some men may talk dirty - be modest!

After having sex, talk more, and the topic should be slightly specific compared to that before the beginning of sex. For example, you can simply ask each other the feeling of this sex. Do not sleep right after sex. Moderate emotional communication can give a perfect ending to your sex experience.

In the whole process of communication, three principles should be followed.

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Both men and women, when listening to each other's words of praise, are very happy. Some words may be difficult to say at the daily life, and may embarrass the other. But at this moment, both sides will not feel embarrassed; instead, they will feel very comfortable.
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Say “I miss you”
Most women often prefer gentle love. After a big hug and a big kiss, whisper in the woman's ear: I miss you so much, I need you...This is full of your softness and missing and fully reflect her position in your mind. Of course, men also need to be missed.
Say “I love you”
To express each other's love by having sex, so don't be stingy with the words “I love you”. In the process of sex, you should appreciate each other and can use some words to praise each other. The man should be sure to caress the woman gently during this.