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Postpartum and Miss CC


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Post-pregnancy sex could be difficult and frustrating for some couples, despite the joy that the new family member brings. In this article, we will talk about the challenges new moms are facing and how they can ease their way into postpartum sex with the right tool.

Sharing the excitement of having a baby creates an extraordinary bond between new parents. The pregnancy and birth experience often brings couples closer than they have ever een. Yet, the challenges of postpartum hormonal swings and the demands of a new little being commonly result in a notable, and sometimes lengthy, pause in a couple’s sex life.

Why is postpartum sex difficult?

It is helpful to understand what is happening. There is no doubt that growing a baby changes mom’s body. Not only does mom’s shape morph as the baby grows, but her hormones are also at their peak in order to maintain the pregnancy. The birth experience and meeting with the baby are the highlights of this adventure. Then, everything changes. The hormones needed to maintain the pregnancy crash, mom no longer recognizes her body as she once knew it, and she becomes exhausted by the baby’s 24/7 needs. Additionally, if mom is breastfeeding, one of the key hormones for milk supply, prolactin, can severely diminish her sex drive and vaginal lubrication. The extreme bonding with the baby (not just because they are cute, but due to the oxytocin released during breastfeeding and touch) can temporarily overpower the mom’s desire to reconnect with her partner.

Using Miss CC in postpartum sex


All of these changes commonly lead to feelings of stress and disconnection between the mother and her partner. There are many ways in which the couple can reduce these feelings, and Miss CC can be used as one of the tools for the mom’s healing, reconnection to her body and reconnection to her partner.

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The new mom needs time to recover after the birth of her baby, whether C-section or vaginal. It is important to delay penetrative sex until the vagina is healed, often around 6 weeks postpartum. Once mom receives the ok to resume intercourse, she may still be hesitant. Easing back into sexual activity by using Miss CC for clitoral stimulation and orgasm brings her focus back to sexual pleasure, as well as increases blood circulation to the vagina which aids its healing and lubrication. Additionally, orgasm promotes relaxation and good sleep, which will greatly improve mom’s mood and healing.

Reconnection to self


Masturbation and experiencing pleasure helps mom reconnect with her sexuality. Her body has changed and she will want to explore where and how her body feels pleasure. She can eliminate the fear of the unknown by first testing her body’s response to genital touch by herself. During solo-play, she is in control and can stop once she feels any unpleasant sensations.  Knowing what her body will enjoy will give her confidence to move back into partnered sex.

Reconnection with a partner

Miss CC can also be used to facilitate new parents to reconnect with each other. Couples can use Miss CC to give each other massages which will help decrease their sore muscles and stress from meeting their baby’s demands. Furthermore, if the mother is not ready for penetration, the couple may try keeping their erotic energy flowing by using Miss CC for mutual masturbation sessions. When mom is ready to resume intimate contact, using Miss CC to intensify arousal will help encourage the production of vaginal lubrication. Keep in mind that there is no shame in using additional lubricant until hormones adjust and self-lubrication is sufficient for penetration.

It is important for new moms to take the time to reconnect with themselves and their partners after childbirth. Let Miss CC be one of the tools to help achieve this goal.