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Sexual Knowledge: Restore Men Potency!


With physical development, men will gradually change their sexual ability. In particular, the middle-aged men would find that the number of having sex has become less. What's the matter? Is the men’s sexuality decreasing? What will happen when the men’s sexuality reduces, in addition to the decreasing quantity of love making? How to improve their sexual ability?  

Here are seven manifestations for men’s sexual dysfunction.

First, hair loss
When it is the peak period of career, men’s mental and psychological pressure will increase. This causes disorder in endocrine and blood circulation and furthermore, hair loss and gradually thinning of hair.
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Second, weakened vision
Excluding the eye itself, this suggests vascular problems. The problem of eyes is the result of the disease in blood vessels which affects blood circulation, causes metabolic disorders of the optic nerve and furthermore vision loss.
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Third, reduced sexual impulses
The reason for the decline of men's sexuality at the age of 30 comes both psychologically and physiologically. Psychologically, they are tired of beauty appreciation, and are stressed out; Physiologically, the level of androgen declines, the blood circulation is not smooth…all leading to erectile dysfunction.
Forth, fatigue
When a 30-year-old man is always exhausted at work or in life, he may be stressed out psychologically OR the endocrine changes. This means that his level of androgens has decreased.
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Fifth, teeth getting dirty
After the age of 30, men's teeth are easy to get dirty. This is because the men do not pay attention to oral hygiene. If the brushing posture is not right and the brushing is not thorough, the gingiva will gradually shrink, the slits between teeth will become wider, the dental calculus will increase and heap up in slits and around gingiva, and the dental plaque will come active. All these result in very poor oral hygiene. Therefore, brush your teeth correctly after each meal instead of doing that in the morning and evening.  
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Sixth, hearing loss
If the blood circulation of the auditory nerve in the inner ear is not good, there will be a downward trend of hearing. In addition, it is noisy in urban areas, and teenagers love to listen to their earphone. This will do imperceptible damage to the hearing when people are young, and, after 30 years old, you can find the hearing loss.
Finally, out of breath
Being breathless after going up the stairs or running? It should be attributed to the declined function of lung. Research shows that without scientific exercise, lung function begins to weaken after the age of 20.

How to restore the sexual ability of men

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First, adjust the way of living
Give yourself the time to relax. During this, eat well, rest well, and exercise properly. Only when you relax you can get along better with your lover.
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Second, impulse your sexual in every possible way
It’s pointed out that it is very sad that many women have no sexual pleasure or sexual impulse in their lifetime. The men and women who have no sexual impulses are suggested to try to read carnal books and then develop their sexual fantasy and sexual impulses. In sex life, there should be everything romantic: candlelight, flowers and moonlight…People who are in sex should enjoy it to the fullest!
Third, pay attention to diet
The diet that is not conductive to the heart is also not conductive to sexual ability. A small amount of vegetables and fruits and high fat food can not only prevent blood flow to the coronary artery, but also prevent it to the sexual organs. Study found that the men who take Mediterranean food for a long time have no erectile dysfunction.
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Forth, maintain healthy weight
Overweight can cause many health problems. For example, it may result in diabetes that would damage the nerves, when it damages the nerves of sexual organs, it may lead to erectile dysfunction.
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Fifth, reduce risk-taking sexual behavior
Risk-taking sexual behavior or incorrect posture can cause stress on the sexual organs, resulting in erectile dysfunction.  
Last but not least, quit smoking
Smoking can damage blood vessels and prevent blood flow to sexual organs. Nicotine can also infect blood vessels.

There are many reasons for the weakening of the men’s sexuality. If the number of sex life decreases, and the possibility for sexual impulses also decrease, which are accompanied by hair loss and fatigue after sex, it means that your sexuality is weakening. If you want to recover your sexuality, you might exercise more, pay attention to a healthy diet, and watch some sex related movies with your mate.