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Six shortcuts for men and women feel sexual pleasure


Nothing is more mysterious than a woman's sexuality: it comes without a shadow and leaves without a trace. Many times, even woman herself can't figure out why a man makes her horny at this moment, but dull and drab on another day. Whom to blame for all this? How to control sexual desire?

For many years, there have been people who eagerly putting forward various suggestions in women's ears to help them experience the mysterious, exciting and unforgettable “sexuality”, such as wearing lace sexy lingerie, igniting the incense candle with aphrodisiac function, or washing a bubble bath. But it turns out that most of the time, even if she soaks in the bubble bath till the skin starts to wrinkle, the passion for sex is no different from sitting at the desk during the day.

The latest research shows that nearly half of women do not have sexual impulses before they get real physical contact and sexual stimulation. Yet other data tells us that in the long-term marriage or cohabitation relationship when the initial passion gradually subsided, the women did not even have the desire to look at her partner. However, if a woman starts kissing and stroking, it takes only 5 seconds for her desire to start burning - faster than any aroma candle! The sexuality of a woman, like a mysterious ocean, no one knows what kind of choppy waters are hidden on the calm surface. The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Want to see more wonderful landscapes? Want to learn how to control your own desires and let yourself break out when you need them? To enjoy the joy that God gives to women, you must know the following secrets.

6 shortcuts

1. Aerobic exercise
This has nothing to do with slimming. It is a warm-up exercise to sex you up. A study from the University of Texas pointed out that among a group of women who watched adult movies; those who had been aerobics for 20 minutes (such as long-distance running or round-robin) before watching were more likely to get highly sexually excited than those who did not exercise. So why not come to a fast-paced walk before a night of passionate sex ?
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2. Sexual fantasy
Sexual fantasies and daydreams are not patents of men. This kind of erotic imagination, often referred to as "obscenity" by women, is in fact a powerful assistant to help women stimulate sexual desire. Experts stress that when the traditional moral concept of the heart rejects "sexual fantasy", you have to tell yourself that all this is just an imaginary, completely harmless to real life, so it is okay to be wild.
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3. Healthy diet
Good blood circulation and metabolism not only help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, but also directly affect the sexual sensitivity. Whole-grain foods, fruits, vegetables, and proteins have better efficacy than any sexual health drug in terms of long-term efficacy.
4. Sufficient sleep
After clinical physiologists observed more than 2,600 women, they found that the main cause of most women's sexual dysfunction was physical fatigue. In addition to being able to get more rest, sleep is also the main helper against the "sexual killer" - stress.
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5. Think like a man
For many women, sex life is dispensable among the long list of “to-do affairs”. Their attitude towards it has no difference from housework because they have been educated since childhood to cautiously or even to avoid any sexual relationship; on the contrary, men have always thought that sex is a kind of luck and a manifestation of charm when they are still a boy. So think like a man and try to make yourself more relaxed and enjoy yourself and enjoy sexual stimulation! This is the best regulator in a boring life!
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6. Drink coffee
This is real! Caffeine stimulates the production of dopamine, which is the main factor in controlling all kinds of pleasure in the brain. Experiments have shown that people who drink coffee often have more acute response to sexual stimulation than those who do not.

Tips : the most sexy moments


There is no doubt that the most sexy moment of the day is in the morning. The secretion of testosterone propionate is the strongest in the morning, but in daily life, most choose to have sex at night, which explains why some women feel lack of motivation in passion.

The most sexy moment of the month is before the ovulation period. Studies have shown that women have the strongest sexual desire before the arrival of ovulation, about two weeks after the end of menstruation. Experts believe that this is due to the nature of women - motherhood.

The most sexy moment of the year is summer. The secretion of testosterone propionate in women reaches its climax between July and September, and the lowest between January and March. Men's testosterone propionate secretion culminates between autumn and winter. This also explains why the annual birth peaks are coming in late summer.

The most sexy moment of life: There is still controversy. From a biological point of view, whether male or female, the secretion of testosterone propionate reaches a climax in the age of 20, but this is not representative of the most prosperous age. Studies have shown that women around the age of 30 have more orgasms than younger women. Experts also believe that the sexual needs of mature women will continue until after the age of 40, until the menopause causes a decrease in hormone secretion.

6 killers for Sex desire

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1. Obesity
The study found that women who are confident with their body have a higher level of sexuality than women who are obese because of obesity and are more likely to feel the advent of the orgasm. The data shows that only 2% of women in the body weight standard suffer from sexual dysfunction, while in overweight women, this number is as high as 50%. No research has proven this for now, but all experts agree that the effects of obesity on sexual pleasure have stronger impact on women than men.
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2. Pregnancy phobia
The fear of pregnancy makes some women regard sex as a potential danger in life.
3. Contraceptives
Oral contraceptives can effectively solve pregnancy phobia, but at the same time it will bring about a decline in sexuality. Certain ingredients in the contraceptive reduce body's testosterone (the hormone that triggers libido), which reduces the sexual impulses. In this regard, experts recommend the choice of contraceptives that need to be taken for a long time. It regulates the secretion of hormones through the daily effect of the drug. Compared with the overbearing effect of disposable oral contraceptives, it is more suitable for people with sexual dysfunction. If it does not work after changing the contraceptive, one should try contraceptive methods that do not involve the regulation of hormones, such as a diaphragm, intrauterine devices or condoms.
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4. Pressure
The pressure from work or daily life is also the deadly killer of testosterone propionate. Therefore, after spending an exhausting day in the office, she or he will lose interest in intimacy. Because women's requirements for "Spirit and soul desire" are stronger than men's, the impact of stress on women's sexual desire is also more obvious. "Pressure will make you feel distracted. It always hovers in your mind and distract you, and you can't feel pleasure." Says the sexual healthists. Do some yoga exercises, or listen to music that helps relax. It's a good helper to reduce stress.
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5. Emotional obstacle
Feelings about sex and harmony are far more important for women than for men. In most men's minds, fierce sex is not fundamentally different from sweating in the gym, while women need to be mentally focused – feeling relaxed, cared for, and emotionally interacting. Therefore, whether the man you sleep with is the true love in your heart will directly affect whether your sex is perfect.
6. Low mood and depression
When one feels depressed, they lose interest in everything they usually love, including sex. A survey of women shows that 43% of people will be indifferent or even resentful about sex when they are depressed. Whether to take psychological counseling or medication, depression is the disease we can't ignore. However, research has already told us that some medicines for treating depression produce sequelae that reduce libido. Therefore, please consult the doctor before taking the medicine.