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The details of using Dylan Wand Massager


1. Please thoroughly clean the
Dylan Wand Massager every time before and after you use it. Wash the main part with clean water and antibacterial soap, then gently wipe it with a dry non-velvet linen or towel to absorb the moisture of its surface.
2. Use the water-based lubricant instead of silicone oil based lubricant, because the latter may adhere to the surface of the product forever.
3. Not use cleaning agents containing alcohol, gasoline or acetone for cleaning.
4. Do not leave the massager into water for a long time.
5. Check if the Dylan Wand Massager is fully recharge.

Connect for use
1. Connect the magnetic USB cable to recharge the device. There is recharging point at the bottom of the massager. Just connect the magnetic USB cable with the recharging point.
2. Recharge. The indicator light flashes like breathing when recharging, and stops flashing when finished.
3. Lubricate the massager, and then hold it by hand for use. The Dylan Wand Massager can use for solo or couple.
4. Adjust the vibration mode. It is recommended to start from low-vibration, to feel the different layered vibration and stimulation. Hold the button for 2 seconds, it means turned on if you feel one time vibration. Then you can press the button for one time to change to different vibration mode.
5. Use clean water and antibacterial soap to clean the massager after use, then dry it with non-velvet linen or towel, store it well for next time use. The Dylan Wand Massager brings both mental and physical happiness to the women. It enable the woman to enjoy the fresh and stimulating happiness. Now more and more women are using it and enjoying it.

How to use
Turn the frequency of vibration to the softest and touch the clitoris gently. For some, it feels almost nothing. For others, the feeling is strong enough to fall down of the bed. The sensitiveness of clitoris varies from person to person. If the softest vibration is unbearable for you already, try to hold it to the labia and let it not touch the clitoris directly, or take a towel or blanket to separate yourself from the massager, or just wear the underwear. If you need a stronger vibration, press the button to change the frequency time by time. All in all, find a moderate frequency for you.
Besides, use this massager to the most comfortable spot of you. Some people like the front and center of the clitoris, while others like indirect contact. Imagine that your clitoris is a delicious apple pie in four slices, try it one by one and find the difference in flavors. Experience each mode of
Dylan Wand Massager (Total 10 kinds) and find your favorite one, which will make you 'fly to the sky'. Of course, if you are confused about the modes, it is good to use the regular one. It's very interesting to try different mode. If you're ready for a climax, you'll definitely want to stay at the certain best state. Let it stay against the clitoris and start enjoying it. You may find that your body is slightly squirming. This is normal. Just let your body react naturally.

Clean it after use
1. Clean. After using the toy, there are a lot of secretions and lubricant residue. If it is not cleaned for a long time, bacteria will be bred. So, please rinse the main part with clean water and antibacterial soap after use. When cleaning, wash and rub with your fingers. DO NOT wash with a brush or acid cleaning agent.
2. Wipe. Clean it with non-velvet linen or towel.
3. Maintenance. Stored in a velvet bag or non-dust bag and put in a cool place as far as possible.
4. Ban: Detergent that contains alcohol, gasoline or acetone. Avoid direct sunlight.

For use
1. It is easy to get bacterial infection if the massager is shared.
2. Don't use it too much. The impact of the excessive use is - it can results in the decreasing sensitivity of organs.
3. Use condom and a water-base lubricant when use the massager. This is safer and smoother.