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The Misunderstandings about Sex Toys

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Wrong: Are sex toys for those who have unsatisfactory sex lives or don't have sex?

True: Sex toys can be used by anyone. The survey shows that people who have sex life are more likely to use sex toys than those who do not have sex. Partners who use sex toys usually have higher-quality sex lives and better emotional intimacy. About 20-30% of people use at least one-time toys in their lives. Sex toys are not the life-saving or cure-all medicine, but the supplement of the sex games.


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Wrong: Sex toys are addictive.

True: Addition means some kind of harm. However, using sex toys correctly will not hurt users. While some people may develop the habit of using sex toys, it is not required to quit the habit. Anyone can easily engage in sexual activities including masturbation and having sex with partners without sex toys.

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Wrong: If a woman uses sex toys, then she doesn't need a man.

True: Sex toys are not a substitute for human beings. Sex toys can't make you breakfast, don't hug you or tell you how much it loves you. Many men are worried about women using sex toys because they think what women matter most is their "big guy", which make them feel a bit insecure.

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Wrong: Men use sex toys when they don't have real sex.

True: When people think about men and sex toys, they will think of the men who buy masturbators and then masturbate while watching AV in the base. To tell you the truth, millions of men are using sex toys no matter they are in a relationship or single. The best way for a man to be a better lover is to understand his sexual response. Whether or not sex toys are used, masturbation is a key way to learn how to control the body. The man who uses sex toys isn't a "loser". Actually, he is very smart and is likely to perform better in bed. Because he is interested in sex and focuses more on skills.

Wrong: Sex toys make sex unnatural.

True: There are a lot of wrong understandings about sex. One of them is natural sex which means physical contact only. If pencils and paper are used in painting, will the drawings be fake and unnatural? Of course not. If we use tools or toys, sex will be more interesting instead of unnatural. Sex toys are not activated by batteries, but by our imagination.


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Wrong: Some of the sex toys are good and some are bad.

True: The sex toys are not good or bad except those dangerous. What matters most is how we use the sex toy. For some people, a vibrator may be too strong, but for others, it may be the perfect one. The trick is to find the right sex toy.

Wrong: The more expensive the sex toys are, the better they are.

True: A vibrator with a price of dozens of dollars may bring users more pleasure than a vibrator worth hundreds of dollars. Expensive sex toys may be more durable or be made of better materials, but they can't always make you feel better or bring more fun. Within the budget, sex toys can still play an important role in sex life. Usually, what we need is to find the right one.

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Wrong: Sex toys all look weird.

True: Probably people think that it's weird to talk about sex in the public. However, if you know the situation that everyone is probably "weird" in private, then your sex life will be happier and easier. Sex toys won't make sex weird but show your willingness to pursue a pleasant sex life.

Wrong: Sex toys may bring harm to the body.

True: No obvious evidence shows that sex toys can damage sexual feelings or genitals. However, if used incorrectly, there will be some risks. Taking a bottle opener as an example, no one will throw it away because it may hurt hands because of improper use.