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What are the harms that sexual life of husband and wife is disharmonious?


What are the dangers brought by the disharmony in the sex life between husband and wife? Sexual life is a bridge for husband and wife to promote their relation. There are much harm brought by the disharmony in the sex life between husband and wife. First is to affect the intimate relation between husband and wife, in addition to various diseases.

Seven major hurts of disharmony in sex life between husband and wife

1. Sexual dysfunction
The disharmony of sex life will not only affect the pleasure brought by sex life between men and women, but also affect their intimate relation. Moreover, when it is serious, it can lead to sexual dysfunction of one or both husband wife, and even cause a crisis in marriage life. Long-term disharmony sex life will also brining harm to men, make them prone to impotence, premature ejaculation and chronic prostate syndrome, and also brining psychological damage to them, hurt their esteem, self-confidence and trust in their love.
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2. Pharyngitis of men
It seems that sex discord has nothing to do with men's pharyngitis. However, Israeli medical workers found in a dynamic follow-up survey of the health status of 10,000 men within five years, a common cause was found in the men diseased by pharyngitis, that is, their marital quality was poor, and their wives were not warm to them. The happy and satisfying sex life brings not just mental pleasure to people.
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3. Hyperplasia of mammary glands and breast cancer

If the sex life is not harmonious and the sex climax fails to come, the congestion of breast will disappear very slow, and the swelling and pain of the breast and related discomfort can occur. In fact, this is caused by breast consensus and is one of the reasons for breast hyperplasia. The frequent congestion inevitably will bring internal chaos of breast.

If there is a long-term lack of sex life, the breasts, as sexual organs, will not be retained by sexual climax for a long time, and the structure and function of the breasts cannot be well "exercised". This also makes the physical hyperplasia and re-aging of the breasts not smooth, thus increasing the incoming of breast hyperplasia. In addition to the hyperplasia of mammary glands, the disharmony of sex life will cause swelling pain of breasts and inducing breast cancer. Statistics show that, among breast cancer patients, the proportions of elderly unmarried women with low sexual function and widowed women were significantly higher. This suggests that the risk of breast cancer increases significantly in women who have abnormal sex lives and are sexually inactive.

4. Sexless women
There are several reasons for women's sexual apathy. Overwork and illness will affect people's sexual desire. In addition, there are mental and psychological factors, such as the receiving of wrong sex education when they are young, and the fears caused by some sexual experience. A more important reason is poor knowledge of both husband and wife about the features of sexual physiology and psychology. In particular, the husband does not understand the differences in sexual response between men and women, and often ignore tender feeling, so that the wife cannot experience the pleasure and climax in her sex life so naturally feel boring to it. Foreign statistics show that more than 75% of men will reach the climax in 2-6 minutes later after the beginning of sex life. This is the end of sex life. By contrast, most women need 8-15 minutes of sexual intercourse to reach the climax. This sexual and psychological imbalance between men and women is the enemy of harmonious sex life, and it is often one of the key reasons for mental and psychological diseases.
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5. Neurological disorders

Sex life can help relieve the pressure in life and work, relieve the tension, and make people happier, more fulfilled and more confident. If the women are not satisfied with sex life, they will feel upset and impatient. Start a quarrel by using trivial matters as an excuse. Some suffer from neurological disorders.

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6. Insomnia

The survey found that the impact of sex life is an important reason for some people's insomnia. When a person is in a period of high sexual desire but cannot get physiological release for a long time, the nervous system is at activated state, and insomnia comes then.This is a more prominent problem to women. This is because there is a big gap between men and women's sexual desire, sexual climax and degrading of sexual desire. Men's sexual desire can be quickly stimulated, and they can reach the climax quickly throughout sexual intercourse. After the climax, their sexual desire fade quickly. Therefore, as long as the men reach the climax (even after masturbation), they can fall asleep quickly.

However, women are different. Women's sexual desire must have a long process to initiate, and the "platform" period is long. Even after reaching the climax, the sexual desire will fade slowly. Hence, women are more difficult to achieve perfect harmony during the sexual intercourse compared to men, and women are easier to suffer from insomnia. Therefore, American psychologists pose that the lack of normal sex life or the disharmony of sex life is an important reason for women's insomnia.

7. Gynecological inflammation

If women are not satisfied with sex life, the sexual response is blocked, and the congestion of the pelvic and external genitals fails to disappear timely, the chronic pelvic hematocele will appear. If sexual desire is not satisfied for a long time, the women’s uterus with chronic pelvic hematocele will be larger by 2-3 times. Then the women are prone to a series of gynecological inflammation such as vaginitis, uterine inflammation and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.  

Sex life can greatly relax the living and mental pressures that people receive in life. It can better balance the nerves, endocrine and immune system. In a family of sexual disharmony, the couples do not agree with each other, often quarrel and do not give-and-take, resulting in a nervous atmosphere. This will make people worried, anxious and depressed, and unwilling to eat and sleep and the fatigue will continue being unabated, reducing immune function and causing diseases. This is often the cause of gastric and duodenal ulcer, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and even one of the reasons for cancer.

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The disharmony between husband and wife has the aforementioned dangers. So we must pay attention to it. At the same time, we can use some sex toys to make the sex life between husband and wife more harmonious.