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What can be done for the health after sex?


Some couples and married couples prefer to sleep after sex, which is not good for health. After sex, both parties feel exhausted as if all their energy has drained out. And even some couples feel sour and weak after their passionate sex, and it takes a long time to recover. The experts in sex believe that both of them should learn to keep health and which is beneficial to the body.

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5-Minutes Shower

Many people prefer to take a bath after sex and clean their bodies, this is good. However, it should be noted that can't do this immediately after sex, and bubble bath is not recommended. After a period of rest, can alternate hot and cold water to take a shower for 5 minutes, which can bring you unexpected benefits. Not only promote cell regeneration but also improve sexual ability. But please note that the shower time can't be too long.

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Press the Skin

After sex, people can press the skin and give themselves a massage while applying the body lotion after taking a shower. By touching the magical "pleasure nerve" on the skin gently, not only be in a good mood but also have a balanced hormone secretion inside the body, and get an improved sexual sensitivity as well. Most of the "pleasure nerves" are distributed especially on the back, and the lateral part of the arms.


Drink a Cup of Warm Water

Having sex consumes physical strength, so many people will feel hungry after sex. However, what most people don't know is that during sex, not only your mood will reach the peak, but also the digestive system gets excited, the blood vessels in the GI get dilated. At this time, the best is to  drink a cup of warm water slowly to relieve the tension of the GI tract and repair the GI mucosa.

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If these tips for health care can be done after the sex, then will not only enable both parties recover the physical strength more quickly, but also help relieve the fatigue caused by sex. By doing these frequently, the sex ability of both parties can be improved, and the health can be guaranteed, sex life can be more perfect.