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What do parents say when children imitate sex scenes

In the childhood, children may be exposed to sexual knowledge, such as some sex scenes, and may do some small games such as playing house. In this way, how can parents tell the children something about sexual knowledge subtly? Please take a look at it.
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If your child imitates sex scenes, tell them…
Children may make an imitation of what happens in TVs and movies - kissing, hugging or touching. You may stay calm, not be nervous, angry, accusatory or abusive when you found it; instead, you should be very casual to ask the child, “What is the feeling of doing that? Did you feel that the other's mouth was not clean, or did the other's snot get into the mouth? Were there anyone laughing at him/her when they saw this? Is it good for others to kiss him/her when parents avoid kissing him/her because of being afraid of bacterial infection?”… Then ask him/her, “What would the teachers and classmates say when they know that the two children kiss and hug each other? Praise or criticize?” No matter what the child answers, don't blame or abuse him/her. Please see into the child with love and care, clearly showing your negative attitude towards this behavior and telling him/her not to let it happen again, “You can play games with many children, but better not play with just one heterosexual friend alone.”
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Tell the child the importance of the private parts to protect the child from sexual abuse

In order to prevent some psychopathic adults from sexually harming children, it is necessary to tell the children from an early age that the importance of their privates cannot be touched by anyone, even if it is a father or a mother. More to tell girls, whether they are known, uncles, brothers, grandfathers or other men, without their parents' agreement, not go to their home or stay alone with them.

Children of small age should not be left alone in others’ homes for night. Ask the children to go back home anywhere, anytime. This should be a habit so that no opportunities are left to those sexually abnormal people (like pedophile). When dealing with this sex related problem, parents should have emotional thinking that relatives, friends, and neighbors are all very reliable and will do no harm to children. Instead, it is very necessary to prevent the risks ahead of time, strengthen the awareness of precaution, and appropriately teach the children. In a word, don’t make it over-sensationalized, OR it will it’ll make them feel horrible. Just let the children be aware of this. For example, you may tell the child not to open the door to anyone when he/she is alone at home, but you should not scare him/her that he/she may dare not to stay at home alone.

Parents should make sure whether the child's sexual organs grow normally

As a parent, you must maintain a calm and natural attitude when your child actively asks about sexual issues. In particular, it should be emphasized that no one is allowed to touch their genitals at any time. But you don't have to talk so thoroughly. You can talk more about these kinds of questions when they are in adolescence. So as not to cause sexual fear to the child.

When a child is exposed to sexual behavior before they are mentally or physically ready, they will likely not understand the full implications of the acts they are so keen to imitate. It’s OK to talk about this behavior, and more important, it’s crucial that parents address it with their children and possibly a qualified mental health professional so they can work on helping the child process their experiences and move forward.