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What does the old couple rely on to save the lost passion?


What does the old couple rely on to save the lost passion? Most of the couples will gradually lose the feeling of freshness about love making when they stay together for a long period. They would find it a boring thing without any freshness. This is very common. People are always fickle in affection. However, they can't stop sexual life only because they don't have passion. Let's look at what the old couple rely on to save the lost passion.

1. Have a pillow talk
After the crazy love making, the couple should lie in each other's arms and tell about their own private affairs and feelings of sex. This will enable each other to find sense of trust and intimacy, and will make the marriage happier.
2. Maintain physical contact
After the passion, the woman can be taken into arms; touch her hair, or give her a gentle knead. So that she would know that her feelings are paid attention to as much as having sex.
3. Take a bath together
You can help each other with soap, knead each other, etc. This can help each other clean the body and reduce the tiredness caused by sex.
4. Praise each other
Both men and women are eager to learn from each other out of their performance in love making, and they like to listen to the other to praise them. If they are told that the other enjoys the love making just now, a magical effect will be brought. Give your partner credit for a particular skill or compliment him on an action that drives you crazy. This not only will make your partner feel good, but also will let your partner catch the action you like and cater to your pleasure the next time.
5. Have a drink together
After love making, the couple can listen to relaxing music, drink some water, eat some snacks and replenish their physical strength together. These common actions will show that you are not just interested in the other’s body.
6. Don't sleep right away
It is physiologically natural that the men would sleep fast after love making. This is because oxytocin is released at the climax which would cause exhaustion. However, if the husband sleeps immediately after love making, he will give his wife a feeling of insecurity. In order to reduce the sense of tiredness, the men can try to inhale deeply and exhale when the climax is coming soon. On the one hand, this can increase the pleasure of the orgasm, and on the other hand, it can help keep awake after sex.
7. Don't watch mobile phones or surf on the Internet
If the man watches his mobile phone or goes online just after love making, the woman will feel that the man cares nothing about her and will be discouraged. Even if there is something important, put the woman's feeling at first.
8. Don't let your mate go away immediately
It is very rude to ask the mate to leave when the love making just comes to an end. As mentioned above, talk together or maintain physical contact. Even if there is a really important thing to do, remind the mate gently and never ask him/her to go.
9. Don't continue to say spicy jokes
During the crazy love making, people may say something sexually arousing; but when it is an end, it is a bit out of place to continue such jokes. It is recommended to keep until the next.