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What is G-spot?


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G-spot was first proposed in 1950 by the German obstetrician, Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, that is, 2-3 cm away from the vaginal opening in the anterior wall of the vagina (1/3 of the female vagina, from the outside to the inside).

The Grafenberg spot (G-spot) is the area around the anterior wall of the woman's vagina that surrounds the urethra and is part of the corpus cavernosum. It is a female sensitive zone. When it is stimulated, can cause high sexual excitement and strong orgasm. It is probably where the Skien's gland is located. However, opinions are still divided as to whether the g-spot exists.


G-spot is a self-contained area around the urethra. And there is a small hole leading to the urethra. If a certain stimulation is given to the G-spot, it will wrinkle, bulge and bend. If it is stimulated more, the bulged tissue will secrete a small amount of fluid and enter the urethra from the small hole. This phenomenon has been reported as "G-point ejaculation". However, some reports have a negative attitude and believe that the fluid is urine, which is generated by muscle stimulation caused by sexual stimulation. G-spot is not universal, it has been reported that 10%-40% of women have G-spot. It is generally believed that women with G-spot have a stronger sense of pleasure during sexual intercourse and will have an orgasm faster. If the G-spot can ejaculate, it will help the lubrication and pleasure of the vagina.  In sexual life, the position of female on top or doggy style will help stimulate G-spot. It is worth mentioning that since the G-spot is not an area that every woman has, the man should not blindly pursue its existence. Also for those women with G-spots, don't be shame, use it. Consciously strengthening the stimulation of the area in sexual intercourse may help to bring harmony and happiness to sexual life.

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Stimulating the G-spot can give women a more pleasant sexual pleasure and a satisfying orgasm, and female ejaculation may occur. This type of stimulation usually requires sexual intercourse by using the rear-entry position so that the spot can be fully stimulated by the penis.

More and more experts believe that the stimulation of this spot can lead to a strong orgasm. They believe that it is the reason for female ejaculation.

G-spot is not a discrete point. Some scientists, such as Natalie Angier, consider it to be the underlying nerve from the vagina to the spine. The vagina has a deep tissue, and changes with hormone levels.

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If the penis happens to bend upwards, it can stimulate the anterior wall of the vagina more, which means, it can naturally stimulate the G-spot. If the penis is not bent upwards, then other sexual intercourse positions are needed. For example, if a man's penis is bent downwards, it will be found that the rear-entry position is more conducive to stimulating the G-spot.

The stimulation of the G-point can also be performed by the finger and the tongue. While pressing the vagina, insert the tongue or fingers upwards when inserting and go deep. Of course, different people need different stimulation.

When a woman is in her 30s, she feels more thrilled by the stimulation of the G-spot. This is because the connective tissue of the vagina changes which make easier to stimulate the G-spot. Therefore, some women think that their 30s is their peak period of sexual life.

G-spot is also similar to the prostate which can be stimulated through anal sex or compression of the perineum (the skin beneath the scrotum).


According to the British "New Scientist" journal, Emmanuele Jannini, a scientist from the University of L'Aquila in Italy, checked out G-spots of twenty women by performing ultrasound scans on them. Nine said they had vaginal orgasm experiences, and eleven said they had no experience of orgasm. After scanning the vaginal and urethra of women, Janini found that women with vaginal orgasm experience had thicker tissues between the urethra and the vagina. Janini said that in the future ultrasound examination should be able to judge whether women will have a vaginal orgasm.

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G-spot and orgasm

G-spot is the trigger point to generate a vaginal orgasm. If it is continually and quickly stimulated, women can feel the space of the vagina is slowly expanding and the mucus gradually increases. Maybe you start to insert one finger and you will feel the vagina is very tight. Later, you need two fingers and three fingers to fully fill the lubricated vagina. It feels like that the vagina is being activated.

It is said that only a part of women will experience the excitement brought by G-spot stimulation. But it is undeniable that it is difficult for people who just begin to know G-spot to find its exact location because the G-spot is hidden on the upper wall of the vagina. After the finger enters the vagina, it has to go up to locate the wrinkled area, which is just about the size of a square centimeter.

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The location of the G-spot of different people is somewhat different, but the location are all similar. The G-spot is somewhere on the upper wall of the vagina not far from the vaginal opening. Therefore, if the finger is straight into the vagina without bending, it is impossible to touch the G-spot. At the same time, there is no need to worry about the lack of length of the finger, because the G-spot is not very deep inside. It is usually 2-3 cm from the vaginal opening in the vagina, and the index or middle finger is able to reach there.

The stimulation of the G-spot is mainly divided into two methods: pressing and rapid friction. Some people like the stimulation of slow pressing. Some people need to experience rapid friction to be sexually stimulated because they may feel sore when their G-spot is pressed. No matter which way is adopted, just find the wrinkled G-point area and stimulate it, and the sexual stimulation will follow.