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What is sexual frigidity? What is the cause of sexual frigidity?


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Sexual frigidity is a major cause of disharmony between husband and wife and even the breakdown of a marriage. Why do so many people suffer from frigidity but don’t know how to solve it? Today we will find out about these issues.

First, what is frigidity?

Frigidity refers to lack of sexual desire. Popularly speaking, it refers to no interest in sexual life or the decline of sexual desire. Frigidity and lack of sexual pleasure are two different concepts. People can suffer from both at the same time or only one kind.

One survey shows that 16% of men and 35% of women who are well-educated and healthy suffer from frigidity. Among the unmarried couples, 2% suffer from frigidity.

Second, what is the cause of frigidity?

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Psychiatric causes are divided into the following categories. ①Chronic fatigue: a tense state of work, a busy social life, or excessive mental work affects the functional state of the advanced nervous system. ②Abstinence or excessive indulgence in sexual activity in the long-term causes the spinal cord dysfunction. People gradually hate sexual intercourse and sexual desire is inhibited. ③The sexual discord between the husband and wife, different sex attitudes,  the lack of correct sexual knowledge, or the women‘ lack of orgasm for a long time causes the tiredness of sexual life.

Organic diseases: Almost all chronic diseases can cause frigidity. The pathogenesis is the affecting of nerves and endocrine and the reducing of the level of sex hormones in the blood.

Drug causes: Oral administration of a drug can reduce libido. Drugs include antihistamines, marijuana, phenytoin, reserpine, spironolactone and anti-androgen drugs.

Start sex life too early.

Overwork: A harmonious and fulfilling sex life requires a healthy and energetic body.

Improper contraceptive measures.

3. External factors


Emotion: When people are in a bad mood, their sexual desires are easy to temporarily decline especially in the poor state of extreme sadness, horror, depression and despair. Their sexual desires will be significantly affected or even completely lost.

Nutrition: Nutrition is the material basis of sex.

Addiction to alcohol or tobacco: People who smoke for a long time are more likely to have impotence than non-smokers. Long-term alcoholism can cause sexual hypofunction and reduce sexual desire.

Drugs: Taking certain drugs for a long time or in large amounts can cause sexual dysfunction and can even cause men s impotence and women's frigidity.

Physiological cycle.

Living conditions: Living in a messy, poorly ventilated and an overcrowded environment will not only cause bad mood. Moreover, due to insufficient indoor fresh air, the brain is insufficiently supplied with oxygen, which affects sexual function and reduces sexual desire.

Season and temperature: According to one survey, in the winter and spring when the temperature is low, most people have strong sexual desires, which is especially in the spring season that is considered to be the season of courtship. And in the hot summer, sexual desire often declines for a certain period.

Age: This is an important factor affecting sexual desire.Inducement and sexual life history: In addition to the underlying causes and the effects of sex hormones, external stimuli are also important.

Feelings: Unlike other animals, the sexual desire of human beings is not generated by pure biological instinct but by love.

Health status: The impact of health on sexual desire is both important and complex since only those who are physically and mentally healthy can maintain a high level of sexual desire for a long time.