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What is "Sub-Happy sex life"? How do we get rid of Sub-Happy sex life?


Sub-Happy sex life has actually become a common issue and harms the relationship between more and more couples. If it cannot be addressed in time, it will not only harm the health of the couple but also influence the happiness of the family. So how do we get rid of unhappy sex life?

  Sub-Happy sex life actually has internal and external causes.

A state in which one or both sexes are not satisfied in the sexual intercourse is called "Sub-Happy sex." According to the "Netizens' sexual well-being survey", only 32.55% of the respondents gave full marks to their sexual life, which shows that most people are in the "Sub-Happy sex life" state.

What is the result of Sub-Happy sex life? Sub-Happy sex life will make people have psychological reactance to such intimate behaviors as nakedness, physical contact, oral sex, lack of sexual desire, fewer sex, less pleasure in sexual life, dissatisfaction with erection state (including hardness, time, and frequency), etc.

  Actively seek medical treatment to save a Sub-Happy sex life.

Men in the sub-happy sex life state should seek the guidance and help of a professional doctor in time. Unfortunately, the survey results show that only 17% of patients said they would ask a professional doctor for help. 66% have suffered from erectile dysfunction for more than one year before receiving treatment, which has aggravated the Sub-Happy state.

  What should people do if they have a Sub-Happy sexual life?

1.Self psychological regulation
Encounter troubles and sadness, should be calm thinking, should not be long on the back of the mental burden, timely relax and adjust the nervous state of mind, ease and eliminate the mood of anxiety. Do something you like, such as enjoy music, participate in group activities and read helpful books, or talk to family and friends, the mood will be comfortable, sexual repression will gradually fade.

2.Take an active part in physical exercise
Regular, moderate physical activity and outdoor activities will benefit you. Stick to daily exercise to regulate stressful mental work or neurohumoral disorders, such as jogging or walking for 30 minutes every day. Strive for a regular life, ensure adequate sleep, active weight loss.
3.Avoid bad habits
Avoid unhealthy eating habits, reduce bad social activities, avoid alcohol abuse, control diet, fully aware of the importance and necessity of quitting smoking.

4.Eliminate diseases
Should go to a hospital when necessary, exclude disease of urinary system. If chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, or other if endocrine disease, all sorts of systemic chronic disease.
5.Family care
Family harmony is conducive to eliminating tension in work and life. For the husband's sexual desire and sexual ability decline, the wife should be calm, tolerant treatment, care and consideration, eliminate concerns, take the initiative to cooperate with the treatment.