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What is the harm of wrong sex for women?


Sex is the adjustment between couples, and it is also a science. Healthy sex life should have a correct way. The wrong way of sex life will bring harm to both men and women. So what is the harm of wrong sex for women?

Wrong sex way will bring 4 major pains to women.
Incorrect sex life not only brings no physical pleasure, but also leads to the four hidden harm for women. To avoid this, you need to know the following situations.

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1. Pelvic congestion

When women are sexually excited, a large amount of blood flows into the pelvic tissues to form congestion. If the orgasm is not reached, the pelvic congestion will fade very slowly. About 10% of people will feel discomfort in the lower abdomen and soreness under the back. Some people describe it as "pain like dysmenorrhea".

When it comes to "pain like dysmenorrhea", you should lay down and use a pillow to pad your hips high for half an hour every time, and 3-4 times each day. This can help blood backflow. Inflammatory drugs can be taken if necessary. Of course, the most fundamental prevention method is to improve the quality of sex life and to reach the orgasm so that the muscles would shrink greatly and the congestion can fade away.

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2. Vaginal pain

When a woman has vaginal pain while having sex, it is necessary to determine the part first. If it is the introitus, it may be a crack or the bartholinitis; if it is pain in deep inside, it may be vaginitis, pelvic inflammation or endometriosis. Such diseases should arouse great attention.

Women's pain can't be ignored. In addition to developing good personal health habits in daily sex life, they should also go to the hospital for gynecologic examination as soon as possible based on their own conditions, so that they can be treated appropriately. In this way, the pain can be eliminated and the health can be maintained.

3. Neck pain

Sudden neck pain while having sex is usually made by improper posture. For example, some people like to lying on the bedside, this may bring physical discomfort and the neck muscles may be painful.

Cold compress (ice bag the best) should be taken immediately when the neck is painful, this would ease the pain and edema. Twist a towel around your neck and tie both ends tightly (to the extent that it does not affect breathing) to support the head and to reduce the burden on the muscles.

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4. Allergic pain

Allergic pain in sex life is caused by allergies to sex life. A Professor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the School of Medicine, New York University, pointed out through the diagnosis of multiple cases of sex allergies, most of the allergic reactions are due to double latex(basic raw materials for condoms) or caused by the maladjustment to other contraceptives or drugs, women often feel vaginal stinging and burning sensation by this.

Once there is an allergic reaction, wipe away or clean the residue liquid, cream with water, wet towels, tissue, and then take a warm bath. The outer part of vagina can be cold compressed to reduce swelling. You may take some Non-prescription antihistamines. If you feel breath hard, nervous, joint pain, and swelling, or there is erythema or urticaria on any part of your body, you must see a doctor immediately.