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What should we pay attention to high quality sex life?


Many men and women feel that there is no orgasm when they have sex. The sex life with no orgasm is  inevitably incomplete, so sex is very important for either women or men. Now if you want a high-quality sex life, it is necessary to pay attention to rest and take care of your body. What else should you pay attention to when you have a high-quality sex life?

Distracting yourself while having sex can properly reduce the stimulation of penis, so that the erection could stay longer. Of course, the distraction should be based on skills. You can't have sex while watching TV or reading a novel; otherwise, your wife will be angry and will leave. Don't think about other things that are more exciting, such as sexual fantasy of a certain sexy actress. This will only make you reach orgasm faster. You can think about things at work and among friends, but don't think about it too much. Pay attention to her feeling so as to adjust your frequency and strength of action.

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Focus on foreplay
If your duration is really short, it is generally difficult to get her orgasm. It is the best way to help you with your mouth and hands which can give her climax in the foreplay. When she brewed her second orgasm, give her a real impact and send her to the climax. If time is grasped, you can enjoy the joy of climax at the same time.
Move to other places
After a romantic period, it is best to change the place for sex, such as the living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Because the fresh environment can definitely excite you again and get you to another orgasm.
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Multiple Protections
What is said here is the use of two or even three condoms to reduce the stimulation of penis. Although men don't like to use condoms, you'd better use them from the perspective of safety and good care of women. And if the duration is always not long enough, you should use it more. With two or three condoms, you can reduce the friction to penis and extend the duration.
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Shorten the refractory period
Remove all foreplays and make it straightly. Reports show that the faster the first ejaculation, the stronger and longer the endurance of the second. And this sudden rush is also quite exciting to your partner.
Let nature take its course

Medical surveys show that, men naturally have 3-8 erections a night while sleeping. You may take advantage of this: take a nap after having sex, and set the alarm clock for 2-3 hours later, so that you may have another adventure.

Ordinary speaking, everyone needs to pay attention to these matters, and learn some new skills in daily life. It is a common idea that sex life is very important to everyone and it is not a shame on anyone. To correctly understand sex life, we must do a good job in the foreplay. Do not be distracted by nothing when having sex, although most women couldn’t do it.