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Women have psychological orgasm after physical climax



Is there a psychological climax for women after the physical climax? In sex life, after the female body reaches the climax, it will fall into a state of slight hypoxia, showing a series of so-called "orgasm symptoms", such as eye loss, blurred sight, and mild physical spasm. According to statistics, there are only a small number of women who can reach the climax. Most women do not know what the climax feels like.
Freud divided female orgasm into two types: clitoris orgasm and vaginal orgasm. According to the latest statistics, 50% of women can get real pleasure through clitoris stimulation, and they can clearly describe the difference between vaginal orgasm and clitoris orgasm. For example, they describe the climax of the clitoris as "warm, itchy, electrocuted and sharp", and the vaginal orgasm as "deep, inciting, soothing and comfortable". Many women said that it is totally different when there is a penis in the vagina.

Only a small number of women can reach orgasm

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In order to make women reach their climax, men and women have various ways of foreplay before the formal sexual intercourse. All this is only to ease the approaching to climax. Many men and women fall into deep sleep after the climax. What should be done after the physical climax? This is ignored by most people.
In the past 20-30 years, the research into female orgasm is increasing comprehensive. It shows that the female orgasm is not only a vaginal orgasm, and instead, women can get sexual pleasure in another way.
The way to excite the clitoris is relatively simple. The most intense way is to directly stimulate the clitoris. The relatively gentle way is to let the woman put her thighs together tightly rhythmically, and apply light pressure on the clitoris, OR tighten, redraw the female pubis,tail muscles, etc.

Several ways for women to reach psychological orgasm after physical orgasm
Some people said, "After sex, it is an unparalleled void..." Pursuing psychological climax only and ignoring psychological needs is easy to get "psychological low" and "psychological cold ". In fact, the climax of love is more important than the physical climax, and it can make love last. The "psychological climax" is the sexual satisfaction that is needed most by people.

1.Touch and kiss

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It is reported that the psychological orgasm of men and women comes at different times. The psychological climax of men is only 1-5 minutes later than the physical one. When a man sees that a woman has a physical orgasm because of his physical orgasm, he will have an extreme sense of possession, and then will reach psychological climax easily.
A few minutes later a woman will get her psychological climax.
Unlike men, women's psychological orgasm will not come until a few minutes after the physical climax. They really need men to continue to touch and kiss to make the psychological climax rise. The warmth of this kind of sex makes women feel very happy.
Women always feel that their lovers do not love them so much.
When women do not reach a psychological climax, they will feel disappointed, unhappy, longly and agitated, and some will be even wakeful and gradually become sexless. They think that men treat themselves as an outlet for sexual desire, not caring about their feelings at all.

2.Feel breathing of each other


Some people have described the most romantic thing between men and women, that is, lying down, feeling each other's breath, and feel the other's breath when they get up the next day...Although a man does not whisper how much love and affection is, it does not mean that he does not like to lie comfortable aside you or keep close to you all night. It is because he is also tired.
Women haven't reached a psychological climax yet.
When a man finishes his “job”, he always wants to fall asleep immediately. At this moment, there is a bad taste inside the woman because she has not yet reached the psychological climax. Therefore, when a man comes back to himself from the sexual excitement, you can start the plan of the body grinding by flirting and caress: stick his back with your front, let every cell of him feel your exquisite curve slightly from the back to the toe.

3.Kiss and knead

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In addition, you can also use your nails to gently slide back and forth on his wrist to his elbow; or stroke his hair with the palm of his hand; you can kiss his temples, palms, etc. You should make sure you’re your movements are slow and comfortable, not requiring any fierce response from him. This will bring you two closer to each other.

4.Talk anything freely

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Busy life in daytime makes your communication less and less. He does not have so much time to listen to your nagging. After the climax, sometimes you don't have to use any physical contact at all; instead, you can tie your hearts tightly together by chatting in bed. This is because there is no expectation at this time. It becomes the best way to mutual understanding and increasing intimacy.
But this is not a good time to talk about the serious issues, or criticize your mate's bed work. There is other good time to talk about such issues. Use this to create intimacy, not pressure.